Jessie by Bernat – New Yarn On The Market

Michael Sellick is showing off his new yarn by Bernat

Bernat has just launched this yarn line. It’s called Jessie

Jessie has just been released by Bernat and is one yarn line I am completely over the top for. It’s a delicious mix of unique yarn fibers that are hard to locate. You can knit, crochet, macrame or even knot with this yarn to make scarves.

This yarn comes in strips that are cut about eight feet long and is wrapped in a way that it doesn’t tangle; you just have to take it off the package and lay it out. There are three ties that are holding this into position.

Why I jump up and down in excitement is the fact that retailers usually have afghans that are decorated with fibers. I kid you not, I think most of the inflated price is due to add on fibers. I have attempted to duplicate this, but finding the right colour mix and really interesting yarns is extremely difficult to find and usually expensive. This Jessie Yarn gives you opportunities to be able to duplicate high end afghans for only 10 dollars. I think this is brilliant.

Bernat has just launched a new website on operating this new yarn. It has new patterns and video tutorials to follow. You can find this at You can find this yarn in selected stores as the distribution of this yarn builds across North America or you can find it online at

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