Jenny Hart’s Embroidered Effects & Sublime Stitching

My favorite craft is embroidery. I had never tried embroidery until the summer of 2000. It was something so foreign and familiar to me at the same time. I thought large portraits would be wonderful and also that it was high-time for some less traditional themes for people to stitch. I founded Sublime Stitching in 2001 to re-inspire anyone to try embroidery. In 2008 I wrote a column called “Crafting A Business” and  I have a new book of embroidery instructions, patterns and projects called Embroidered Effects (Chronicle Books). Future projects include “Hart Crafts” which I’m really excited about!


Get hip to Hart’s embroidery:

Some more alternative looks at needlework:

Feeling Stitchy
Jenny Henry Needlepoint
Laura Hughes Needlepoint
Mr. X Stitch
Subversive Cross Stitch (NSFW)
Wool and Hoop Crewel


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    Oh wow, oh wow! Been wanting to get back into embroidery, but quite frankly, just haven’t been inspired by the hearts and flowers designs that are everywhere. Not that they’re not pretty… they certainly are. But they’re not so much ‘me’. These sorta Rockabilly ‘sailor’ tattoo designs in Embroidery Effects are fantastic, and I see so many craft applications for them! Going to the tippy top of my how-to wish list! Thanks for featuring this!
    Hugs & Hope,
    Rachel at OddModicum


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