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iTunes and Free Creative Resources

My free online tutorials, Mikeyssmail, has been broadcasting Free Loom Knitting and Crocheting Tutorials for iTunes for 1 month now. iTunes is something I have stayed away from because I never owned a Mac Product. I figured iTunes is just for iPod-like products. I never realized the power and free accessibility for everyone online that has access on iTunes. If you are not listening or watching a PODCAST, you can just turn on a radio station that is specific to your listening pleasure broadcasting live.

I was encouraged to join iTunes about a year ago but I didn’t know how it exactly works. There are costs associated to uploading the Podcasts to iTunes but it remains completely free for all users who subscribe. Some of the iTunes stuff does cost money such as downloading music or movies… but “Podcasting Remains Free For Everyone Which Favecrafts Radio & Mikeyssmail Are Broadcasted On!”

I recently stumbled across Tiffany Windor’s Favecrafts Radio. OH WOW! What a treat! I am working at my workplace and people think I am listening to the radio… but don’t tell anyone… I am being inspired and getting the itch to get home and get some yarn and crafts into my hands to begin something that I have heard about on her show. Her guests are creative and just regular people who have found a way to really expose their creativity.

The advantage to iTunes is that if you own an iPod or something equivalent, you can simply download and take it with you. This allows you to do tutorials on roadtrips and continue to be inspired without being wired to your home.

Come on over to the iTunes store and search Mikeyssmail or even Favecrafts Radio. You will find both of us there. Inspire, Create, & Celebrate!