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It’s a Slanket! (But Homemade)

Bernat contributes some wonderful crochet and knitting patterns to FaveCrafts, and we love them for it. But I can’t help poking a little fun at their newest “Wrap-ghan” patterns, “the afghan with sleeves.” Let’s get real: the wrap-ghan is a Slanket. Or is it a Snuggie? Despite all the mockery of the great sleeved blanket recently, people really do love these things! Even while some of us are laughing at the slanket, inside we secretly want one don’t we?  But the knitters and crocheters out there aren’t going to purchase something they can make. Hence, while funny, Bernat is a little bit genius for these:

Wrap-ghan Knitting Pattern

Wrap-ghan Crochet Pattern

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