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International Quilt Festival + 4 New Quilt Projects!

Remember how I told you all that we went to the International Quilt Market in Houston way back in October? Remember how I showed you all the awesome quilts I saw? And remember how you wished you were there, just a teensy bit? (Don’t try to deny it, some of you told me you did!) Well, in case you didn’t know, you can go next time! You may not be able to attend Market, but International Quilt Festival is where you want to be if you’re a savvy quilter. Festival is open to consumers, and most fabric companies and designers from Market attend Festival as well.

The best thing about Festival is that you can buy any quilting goodies your heart desires right on the show floor. Quilters come from all around the world to attend Festival and build their stashes at nearly 1,000 different booths. Quilts, Inc., the producers of International Quilt Festival, reported a record-breaking attendance of over 60,000 quilters at the Festival in Houston this November. And when I say quilters come from all around the world, I don’t just mean there are a few people from Canada and Britain. Quilters from 35 different countries attended the last International Quilt Festival. This diverse attendance makes Festival the perfect place for quilters from different cultures to mingle and share ideas, techniques, and designs. Over 350 quilting classes offer an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and make new quilting friends in a more intimate atmosphere.

I think one of my favorite things about Quilt Market and Festival is seeing all of the new fabric lines and quilting books and collecting new patterns to make at home. Many of the fabric companies and quilt designers who attend International Quilt Market/Festival provide quilt patterns as free handouts at the show, and even more of them offer free quilt patterns online. While I was at Market this year, I met a whole bunch of fabric companies and designers, and I got some great free quilt patterns to share with you on FaveQuilts.com.

One of the major international fabric companies featured on FaveQuilts.com is Lecien. I got to meet several of the sweetest women from Lecien at Quilt Market, and now we are featuring these free patterns from Lecien on FaveQuilts.com:

Tudor Bouquet Throw

I really like this quilt in the brighter color scheme, but you can also use more muted tones for a monochromatic throw that goes with anything.



Sugar Flowers Throw

Piecework and floral appliques show off fabrics from the Flower Sugar collection from Lecien.




I also met a lot of quilt pattern designers, like Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs. Jen wanted to share these two patterns with FaveQuilts.com readers:

Floating Squares Stroller Blanket

This baby blanket is a disappearing nine patch pattern, but you’d never know it with the illusion of a white background!



Ginormous Quilted Beach Bag

This quilted beach bag is super easy, and I love that it’s big enough to hold a towel!


So what do you think? Do you want to attend the next International Quilt Festival?

Spring Festival will take place in Cincinnati this year from April 13th – 15th. Don’t miss it!

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