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Indoor Activities for Kids: Fun with Science Experiments at Home

As winter trudges on, the cold winds and flurries hang around ever so comfortably. The kids are itching to spend time outside, but the chilly temperatures discourage such actions. Scratch those itches with some awesomely fun indoor activities for kids that will make them forget all about the outdoors. AllFreeKidsCrafts is not only loaded with delightful indoor crafts, but we’ve also got the best artsy, educational projects around. We’ve also searched the web for other must-make experiments, so your “to learn list” should be full and ready.

Learn while having a blast with science experiments that can be done at home without spending tons of dough. Mix, pour, and dip until the mini Einstein’s minds are full of knowledge and they’re ready to fall fast asleep with a new appreciation for how things work.

Dancing Dr. Seuss Oobleck RecipeColorful Science for Kids

Color is mesmerizing to kids (and adults), so science experiments involving beautiful hues are that much more enthralling. Watch colors dance and groove with the Dancing Dr. Seuss Oobleck Recipe. Oobleck is a magical mixture of ingredients that will keep the kids laughing and asking questions.  A curious kid is a wonderful thing. Keep the color coming with Other Colorful Science Experiments:

Gooey Green Goop
Walking Water
Carnation Science Experiment Rainbows
Magical Milk Experiment
Color Mixing Lab

Reaction Experiments for Kids Cleaner to Crystal

“What does this button do?” Kids innately love experimenting, so when they’re allowed to mix potentially erupting ingredients, they’re definitely in their happy place. Provide answers to, “what if I add baking powder?” by adding it and observing the results. These controlled experiments will leave you with amazing but safe results. Watch the kids ooh and ahh as they try to understand the science of Borax with Cleaner to Crystal. How will they react to these Other Reaction Experiments?

Toddler Erupting Volcano
Violet Petal pH Experiment
Penny for Your Thoughts Experiment
Peep Experiments

Balloon ExperimentKids’ Science Projects with Everyday Objects

Turn everyday objects into big question marks as the kids explore and hypothesize on what they really are. Cereal will no longer simply be yummy squares of sugar after the kids learn the mineral make up of the crunchy snacks. Their itty-bitty brilliant brains will start to break down objects further than face value. A water bottle and a balloon aren’t just for drinking and decorating as you’ll learn with the Balloon Experiment. Keep expanding those mini minds with Other Science Projects:

Nails for Breakfast
Light Up Lifesavers
Bean in a Jar Biology Lesson


How do you incorporate learning into the kids’ everyday activities?