20+ Incredible Crafts For Adults You Need in Your Life

Last Sunday, my husband took the kids to the Field Museum. As much as I wanted to join them, I was battling a bad cold, so I opted to stay home. Let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I had a day all to myself at home, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my time. I could catch up with my favorite shows on Netflix, but my hands were fidgety and in need of something to do. Surprisingly, the house was already clean. The laundry was done. There were no dishes in the sink. What was I to do? Then it hit me. I needed to find some clever and fun crafts for adults, something simple and unique for me to do!

Our craft room (more like a storage closet) has a ton of different crafting supplies available. With having little kids and being an avid fan of making things myself at home, there were a million and one crafts I could jump at. Any type of project I could imagine was right at my fingertips. At times, having so many options can be overwhelming, so I decided to make a list of some of my favorite crafts for adults. Whenever I find myself repeating last Sunday’s predicament, I just cross another craft off the list. It’s simple and easy, and it keeps me from staring at our crafting supplies for hours on end before I finally decide what it is that I’m going to do with my free time. I hope this list helps you as much as it helps me, and by all means, feel free to add your own amazing additions!

20 Incredible Crafts For Adults

20+ Incredible Crafts For Adults


I’ve shown you my list of crafts for adults. What are some of your favorite crafts to make when you have free time?



  1. Elizabeth says

    As someone who regularly enjoys crafting and is always looking for something fun to do on a lazy Sunday, I really enjoyed this post. Some of my favorite crafts to make are ones that have practical purposes, or ones I can use to decorate my personal space. I especially liked the thrift store memo board since it can help me stay organized and it can also be a decorative piece for my apartment. I have never made my own candles before, but I love buying them for the scent and mood lighting. The mason jar candle was adorable and seemed pretty easy for a first-timer like myself. I hope to try some of these out when I have extra time in the future, great post!

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