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I Just Can’t Help Myself

Fellow crafters, I have a confession to make. I’m in love with Pinterest. I’m talking the head-over-heels, out-of-this-world, makes-you-want-to-scream-it-from-a-mountain-top type of love. I’m not the only one, right? If you’ve somehow managed to miss out on Pinterest, stop reading and click here. Consider it an early Christmas present from AllFreeChristmasCrafts to you.

If I had to describe Pinterest in a sentence, here’s what I’d say: It’s a virtual bulletin board full of never-ending crafts, recipes, hilarious memes, and DIY inspiration. In short, it’s like a new and improved letter to Santa.









For this reason (beyond millions of more that I won’t bore you with), it’s become the ultimate Christmas planner.  You can make a board to store ideas for gifts to make for your friends and family, ways to decorate your home, and what food to serve for your next holiday party.

Now, I know that Christmas is 9 months away, but it never hurts to get a head start. What’s that saying? The early bird gets the worm? And let’s be honest, aren’t you just itching for another reason to peruse through Pinterest boards? Happy pinning!



Obviously, one of the most important Christmas decorations is your Christmas tree. From more traditional ideas to the completely unique, there are so many ways to dress up you tree. One of the first ways is going for a theme, like this simple white and gold tree:




If you like this, try making these:

Chic Paper Ball Ornament
Gold and Lace Ball Ornament
Beautiful Crochet Christmas Ornament







Or you could do something like this, a little splash of blue with a few natural elements like pine cones:




If you like this, then make these:
Shimmering DIY Ornaments
Simple Glitter Ornaments
Simple DIY Pine Cone Ornaments
Gold Dipped Pine Cone Ornament






Or you could do solid color, but different ornament shapes, like this tree:




If you like this, make these:

Festive Star Ornament
Twine Wrapped Ball Ornament
Stars & Hearts Felt Ornaments
Hand Knit Ball Ornaments






You could also go without a theme, and simply mix and match ornaments of different color, shape, and style like this tree:




If you like this, try making these:

Oh So Cute Owl Ornament
Darling Penguin Ornament
48 Homemade Ornaments
Funky Fabric DIY Ornaments






You could also get creative this year, turning your tree into a work of art like this one.










Anyway you choose to decorate it, I’m sure it will be beautiful. And I know what you are probably thinking, it’s too early, but I just can’t help myself. Besides if we start pinning now, by the time Christmas comes around, we’ll have all the inspiration and projects we’ll need to make our Christmas dreams come true….or at least an excuse to look at beautiful pictures on Pinterest.


 What would your dream Christmas tree look like?