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Howto Create Unique Christmas Ornaments On A Budget

Feather Boas and Christmas Balls For Christmas Decor
Using Feather Boas and Christmas Balls, Combine the Two Together to create unique Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Using a feather boa and some plastic Christmas balls that have been purchased from a dollar store. Cut off a snip of feather boa. Using a hot glue gun, glue the feathers to the top of the balls.

This simple idea will create fun and whimsicle Christmas decorations. We had a pick and purple theme the year we did this. This year we are thinking Black and White for our theme.
Due to the feathers being bulky and airy looking, they really do cover a tree beautifully without having to do too many.


If you really want bright and insist on feathers. This Pink Feather Wreath is a must!