How-To: Wire Crochet Tutorials

I like to think of myself as a pretty decent crocheter, but when I came across this topic, I had to turn to my trusty source Google, for more information. I’ve never crocheted with wire, but I’m kind of intrigued to learn.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that it is actually pretty simple to crochet with wire, and pretty soon I’ll be able to crochet wire jewelery patterns for my friends and family! All you’ll need is a simple aluminum or steel crochet hook (usually size 4 in steel is best) and copper wire–that’s it!

Wire crochet is most often associated with jewelry, and along my path of researching, I found a bunch of helpful hints to get me started. I love all kinds of jewelry, from vintage bracelets and classic earrings to statement necklaces and shiny rings. A piece of jewelry truly brings out your personality, whether it be homemade or store-bought. With crocheted wire jewelry, you can create your own simple pieces that will truly bring out the best of you.

Wire crochet is very easy to do, and if you’re working on a project and need additional pointers, check out this how-to video for more tips and tricks.

One of the main things to remember is to hold the wire loose–tight tension will bend the wire and make it difficult to pull the hook through or insert the hook in a stitch. If you don’t have a metal crochet hook on hand, you can use plastic hooks, which won’t rub off the coating on wires that have a colored coating.

Learning how to crochet with wire and beads is not as difficult as you might think. If you’re new to wire crochet like me, you’ll want to start out with something simple. I like this ring project, which is super simple to make and isn’t too big, even on the smallest hand. Plus, I absolutely love the red wire and the flower on top.

Another project I love is for these adorable teardrop earrings. They’re a great alternative to hoop earrings, and dress up a simple jeans and T. They’re a little to advanced for me, but I absolutely love the design!

For the more intermediateĀ  crocheters, check out this tutorial for wire crochet bracelets:

This stunning bracelet adds a pretty pop of color with bring blue beads, perfect for spring and summer. If you want, you can make the bracelet wearable year-round and add multicolored beads. The bright beads will and a splash of color during the drab winter months, and is super simple to make.

With wire crochet, you can use a variety of colored wire (although copper and silver are standard) to create your own unique designs. My favorite color is purple, so I think I’m going to start the week by creating a purple wire crochet bracelet with a pretty white beads, kind of like the crochet wire bracelets in this video.

Have you crocheted anything with wire? Share with us below!


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