How To: White Wash Wood Decor or Furniture

If you want to achieve a vintage look without spending the money on old relics from the antique store, distressing or whitewashing the items yourself is a good way to do it. White washing gives a wood piece, frame or furniture that beach-esque, vintage feel without looking like a piece from your grandmother’s living room. Not that there’s anything wrong with Grandma’s furniture!

Here’s a few quick steps to achieving the white wash look for a wood frame or piece of furniture:


  • Whitewash or pickling stain from craft store
  • Sand Paper
  • Cloth or Rag
  • Brush
  • Wood frame or other wood piece


  1. Before you start, try the white wash on a smaller piece of wood or furniture to be sure that the result is desirable on your larger project.
  2. Remove any paint on the surface of your item by rubbing it with sand paper. Make sure you use even pressure and sand it until the surface is smooth.
  3. Using a damp cloth or rag, wipe away any excess dust before beginning the white wash process.
  4. With another rag or a brush, apply the stain to your piece. Don’t be shy, lather it on!
  5. Allow the stain to sink into the piece of wood, and then wipe away any excess stain with a dry cloth.
  6. Let dry for 3-4 hours. After that, if the piece needs an additional coat, apply another one.
  7. After the last coat of stain is applied, let the piece dry for 24 hours before using it.

Here’s an example of what a white wash treatment can do with a blue tinted stain:

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