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How to Use Those Extra Credit Cards

How often do you get those free credit cards in the mail with your name already on them? It seems like such a waste, so I always hate having to cut them up and toss them in the trash. But for all you thrifty crafters out there, I have a solution! You can use your old credit cards for these– even if they’re already cut up. These are some great DIY ideas:

1) Credit Crunch Bracelet

I found this site called Scavenging that reuses…well, everything. It’s not really a crafting site, but definitely check it out for money-saving tips. With just an old credit card, some metal rings, and just a few tools to create the bracelet you can make something that looks like it came from a store. For some extra bling try using your platinum or gold card. Check out the full step by step directions here.



2) Mosaic Credit Card Frame

This idea is from Kayte Terry at CraftStylish and it is so cute! Use a variety of colorful credit card pieces for this crafty mosaic. Even if your cards are already cut up, it’s not too late! This mosaic is great as a picture frame, border around a mirror, or even just as a wall decoration. 



3) Credit Card Guitar Picks

This is seriously the easiest craft project I’ve ever seen. Instructables.com gives you step by step directions of how to  make these, but I think you could even do it on your own! All you need is scissors to cut your old credit cards into trendy guitar picks. If you don’t play guitar, these could make for a great low-budget gift for any occasion. For the project instructions click here



Not all of us are this crafty but recycled materials are becoming a new trend. If you are interested in buying some credit card crafts, check out these recycled credit card earrings  or this credit card pendant necklace. 

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