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How To: Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Have you hit the proverbial wall when it comes to unique ideas for Valentine’s Day? Your significant other and your friends basically know what to expect from you, like they do every year. Unique ideas for Valentine’s Day are foreign to you. In the originality department, you need a refresher.

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is all about the red and pink hearts, lovey dovey stuffed animals and pretty flowers. Sure, that’s all a huge part of what has made Valentine’s Day what it is. But there’s another element of this holiday that often gets overlooked, even though it’s glaring us in the face. LOVE! While you’re looking at all those red and pink hearts this year, hopefully it reminds you of the love you have for your boyfriend, spouse, friends and family members.

What is love? It’s a feeling. It’s an emotion. I believe that love is best shown, not said. Think about the special things you share with your loved ones to come up with some great gifts and heartfelt unique ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. What’s your boyfriend’s favorite candy? If he loves Skittles or M&M’s, put them in small packages with sweet love notes for him to find throughout the day – one in his car, gym bag, medicine cabinet, laptop bag. If you really have some extra time – go through the Skittles and pick out all the red and purple ones and give those instead of the entire assortment! Do the same for the red M&M’s.

2. Make him something he’s not expecting. You’ve noticed that all his socks have holes in them, or his underwear really need an update. Make a special Valentine gift that’s practical and thoughtful. If you’re a knitter, knit a pair of great socks. Or buy a fun pair of cotton boxers and decorate them for Valentine’s Day! Check out this knit sock pattern, and this craft project for Valentine boxers.

3. Say “I Love You” with a poem. Sometimes those ready-made greeting cards don’t quite express how we feel about our loved ones. Say something meaningful in a heartfelt poem that your guy will appreciate and treasure – yes, even boys might like poems. Make a pretty (or cheesy) Valentine card to go with it, to bring out the sensitive and goofy side of you as well. Poems don’t always have to rhyme, either!

4. Order take-out from a variety of your favorite restaurants, for a feast-for-2 in the comfort of your own home. Take the reigns on the dinner plans this year, instead of always relying on him to make the first move. He’ll appreciate being let off the hook for once, and might make up for it in other areas. Try something creative like personalized or heart-themed napkin rings or dinnerware. Follow this tutorial for Valentine Table Setting and Custom Dinnerware.

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