The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts You’ll Love

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Wearing shorts is one of my top five favorite fashion choices for the summer. I love being able to feel the sun and the air on my legs without all the extra responsibility of a skirt. I don’t have to worry about wind or crossing my legs just right. I can just enjoy the summer sun comfortably. There’s nothing more freeing than sporting some shorts, flip-flops, and a tee for the day. Summer casual is the best kind of casual. That’s why learning how to sew shorts is such an exciting summer sewing endeavor.

The problem with buying shorts in the store, however, is they just keep getting shorter and shorter. Now I realize shorts should be, you know, short, but do they have to be that short? This is why I have started turning to how to sew shorts tutorials for my summer wardrobe options. When you make DIY shorts from a pattern, you can basically make them as long or as short as you would like. Learn how to jazz up your wardrobe with these amazing how to sew shorts tutorials. Use The Short List: 7 How to Sew Shorts Tutorials to spice up your summer duds.

How to Sew Shorts

Faux Crochet Doily Shorts: I’m loving the lace on these. They are so simple to make and so feminine! Plus, lace-trimmed shorts are huge this season.

DIY Pleated Shorts: Learn how to sew shorts with a classy twist with this tutorial. Wear these pleated DIY shorts with a button-up for a classy brunch or even to work if you make them long enough.

DIY Lace Shorts: Add some length to some cut-offs that are just a little too short with these DIY Lace Shorts.

How to Sew Shorts: Learn how to sew shorts from a pair of old pants with this upcycled sewing tutorial.

Fast and Lazy Linen Shorts: Have an hour to burn? If so, follow this tutorial and you will learn how to sew shorts in under an hour.

DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts: Make the perfect cut offs with this how to sew shorts tutorial.

Simple Shirred Waist Shorts: These are so comfy and so easy. You will not regret sewing them.

Pick one: shorts, capris, or a summer skirt.


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