Summer Lovin’: How to Sew a Bag for the Beach

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Going to the beach is right up there with barbeques, outdoor concerts, and fireworks when it comes to the quintessential summer activities. If you are a total beach babe, you know that having the perfect beach bag can make or break your day at the beach. A bag that is too hefty or too small can mean a lot of inconvenience. That is why we have collected these tutorials that will show you exactly how to sew a bag that is perfect for some fun in the sun. Summer Lovin’: How to Sew a Bag for the Beach has everything you need to create a beach bag you will love and adore for many, many summers to come.

My favorite beach bag is a tote bag I purchased long ago. It is old enough to get sandy, sturdy enough to stand upright on my towel, and big enough to carry all of my essentials. I have a hard time finding the right size bag. If a bag is too big, I end up filling it with things I insist I might need at the beach. This means I’m lugging a heavy bag with a few too many books, some snorkeling equipment I won’t be using, and sometimes even my phone charger. All of these patterns show you how to sew a bag that is the perfect size for your essentials. So, sew one of these up, pack up your beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, favorite guilty pleasure reading material, and any other essentials, and get ready to get your tan on.

How to Sew a Bag for the Beach

1. Swimming Bag Tutorial Bottom-right
2. Hooded Towel Backpack Bottom-center
3. Canvas Beach Bag Top-left
4. Insulated Bag Tutorial
5. Beach Bag and Towel in One
6. Summer Fling Bag Tutorial Top-right
7. Super Shark Satchel
8. Shower Curtain Beach Bag
9. Hooded Beach Towel Backpack Bottom-left
10. Fab Flamingo DIY Tote Bag Top-center

If you adore these bags and want to learn how to sew a bag for any occasion, check out 27 Patterns to Sew Purses + 6 New Coin Purses and our Sewing Bags: Tutorial’s You’ll Love & 15 Free Purse Sewing Patterns eBook.

Are you an active beach-goer or a sleep in the sun beach-goer?


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