How to Organize Your Craft Room: 6 DIY Projects

You’ve got five minutes to make a card for your niece’s birthday party and your “Happy Birthday” stamp is no where to be found. You need to patch your son’s jeans but your thread has gone into hiding. You’re almost finished knitting a scarf but you can’t remember where you put that extra yarn.

We’ve all been victims of messy craft room scenarios like these, but here at FaveCrafts we’ve decided that it’s time to stop the suffering!

However, when it comes to crafting staying organized is actually a huge benefit. If you know where everything is you won’t have to waste time searching and you’ll have more time to create. Instead of spending an hour looking for your favorite fabric or pair of scissors you can actually use that time to finish that new skirt pattern.Organization often falls to the wayside when inspiration strikes. Putting your supplies back in the right place is the last thing on your mind when you’re in the middle of a creating a cute scrapbook page. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a great finished craft but a disaster of a craft room.

The key to staying organized is making sure that all your supplies have a “home.” Drawers and baskets can do wonders at reducing clutter, especially when they are clearly labeled. Since you are already crafty you can use your skills to make your own organizers. These simple tutorials will show you how to make these craft organizers yourself.

Sewing CaddyThis Sewing Caddy is great for any crafting supplies, not just sewing. It has handles that make it easy to transport and handy pockets for scissors, glue guns, needles and anything else you need. If you are sick of your ribbon getting tangled and unraveled then this Ribbon Organizer is a quick fix. All you need is a shoe box and a couple dowels to end your ribbon woes. Speaking of unraveling, keep all your yarn in one place with this Yarn Storage Box. Not only is it a great space to keep your yarn but the decoupaged sides of this box will liven up your craft room decor.

A bulletin board is a great way to keep all your project ideas and inspiration in one place. Pin up those patterns and pictures on this Pottery Barn-inspired Wall Organizer. You and your wallet will love the rustic burlap design that you were able to make at a fraction of the cost.

Baskets are a huge help when it comes to organizing your craft room. It’s so easy to just put all your fabric scraps or paintbrushes in one container. Do you have some outgrown jeans laying around? This Denim Fabric Basket is a great way to give that old denim new life. It’s an up-cycling project that can be made in a variety of sizes to store anything from tape measures to knitting needles.

If you are short on counter space these Hanging Fabric Baskets are sure to help. You can hang these baskets on the wall to store paper, magazines and photographs.

It’s never too late to get your craft room organized. Once you are done you’ll love spending time in your neat work space. All it takes is a little effort and creativity to transform your cluttered room into a creative oasis!

How do you stay organized? We’d love it if you shared some tips!


  1. Pat H. says

    I used clear plastic storage boxes for yarn and fabric. (I have to see something to remember I have it. LOL) And stacked plastic storage drawers for rubber stamps and ink pads. I label the drawers with the theme of the stamps in each drawer. Overflow yarn is kept in vacuum storage bags under my bed. The outside of my boxes may get dusty but inside everything is nice and clean.

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