How to Make Your Own Snuggie

The snuggie craze is sweeping the nation. And for good reason. Who doesn’t love a wearable blanket with sleeves? (If you’re sitting there wondering what the heck a snuggie is, watch the Oscar-worthy TV ad) I’ll admit I’m a sucker for corny infomercials, and even though I never actually buy any of the products, I am always enthralled. The snuggie may look utterly ridiculous, but it is definitely practical. Just yesterday Kelly proposed buying a snuggie to wear while she waits for her car to heat up in the -20 degree Chicago weather. Genius? I think so.

During my morning drive yesterday, one of the local radio stations was hosting an entire segment on the pros and cons of the snuggie. They discussed its merits as a holiday gift and its masculinity, among other topics. That is when I decided that FaveCrafts readers need instructions on how to make their own snuggie. Making your own snuggie not only saves you the embarrassment of calling a 1-800 number and avoiding awkward stares in Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you can also branch out from the boring monochromatic TV snuggies and use whatever patterned fleece you like.

Because I don’t quite have the skills to design a pattern and tutorial myself, I found a well reviewed link. This page links to a PDF with detailed instructions on creating your own snuglet (as author Welmoed Sisson calls it)


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