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How to: Make Valentine Heart Crafts

I’m not the greatest at crafting my own Valentine gifts or crafts, but I do have some ideas you might like. Valentine’s day is a little holiday that people like to show their favorite person how much they care. It’s a great time to get crafty and show what you’re capable of making for that special someone. Crafting something will also help you save money if you’re on a budget. Here are some great Valentine heart crafts:

Candy Cane Hearts– This is really more for a topper to a gift or another craft. If you have any leftover candy canes from Christmas-time then you can get crafty with them. Keep them in its wrapper and make them into the shape of a heart. You can then tape the two ends together so they’ll stay in that shape. It’s really cute to put on top of your wrapped gift, it’s just a little extra embellishment.

Egg Carton Heart– Now we’re really getting crafty and recycling at the same time. Help save the environment with this Valentine heart craft. All you need is a paper egg carton, not the styrofoam kind, pink, purple or red paint, cardstock and a larger frame. This is such an easy craft to make you have no idea. All you need to do is cut the bottom of the egg holders so each edge is the same height and they sit nicely.

You can cut them each apart so they’re their own holder. You then paint them whatever color you chose; pink, red or purple. Once it is dry you can glue the cartons on the cardstock in the shape of a heart. Once the glue is dry you can then paint in between each holder so it all flows nicely. Again, once everything is dry, probably best if it sits overnight, you can put it inside a large frame and get ready to hang it. This is a great Valentine heart craft that can be brought out every year.

Valentine Butterfly– This is more for the kids to help out with, but it’s great for their imaginations. This can really be made any way you want. I think the easiest would be to use foam shapes. You want four heart-shaped foam pieces, two big ones and two small ones. You also want two decently small heart shapes for the antennae, some pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Again, so easy to craft.

First, you take your long oval shape foam piece and glue the heart wings on the back side. The larger hearts are for the lower wings and the smaller hearts are for the upper wings. Press firmly so the glue really sticks. You can then take your pipe cleaners and glue it to the back of the head part and then glue the smallest hearts on the pipe cleaner for the cute antennae. Let dry for a little bit before you glue the googly eyes on. That’s it! You now have a cute Valentine butterfly. You can add more foam shapes on the wings if you want or glitter to add a little glam.