How to Make Sun and Moon Jars

Give your garden party an intimate ambiance by creating sun and moon jars.  Besides their chic, rustic look, sun and moon jars are easy to use because they are solar powered.  Once you make them,  leave them out in the sun during the day and watch them glow beautiful colors at night.  Essentially sun and moon jars are the same thing, they just glow different colors.  While typically moon jars are blue and sun jars are yellow, you can create whatever color jar you want by using colored tracing paper.

Even if you’re not throwing a garden party, these jars make beautiful outdoor decorations.  Use sun jars to light up the walk way to your house or stick moon jars around the pool for a soft glow during your swim.  Ready to make them?  Here’s how:


  • Garden Solar Lights: Try finding these at a hardware store like The Home Depot
  • Glass jars with a clear lid.  You can find these at stores like Ikea or Hobby Lobby
  • AA rechargeable batteries
  • Screw driver
  • Utility Knife
  • Blu-Tack or other sticky adhesive
  • Glass Frosting Spray or colored tracing paper


  1. Use a utility knife and a screwdriver to take apart the insides of the garden solar lights.
  2. Using some Blu-Tack, paste the insides together and stick them onto the inside of the jar’s lid
  3. Spray the outside of the jar with glass frosting spray, or fill the inside with colored tracing paper that’s been cut to size.  For moon jars use blue paper and for sun jars use a soft yellow color.  Feel free to branch out and try other colors.  I plan to make green, pink and orange ones, too!
  4. Once the insides of the solar light is secured to the lid, close the jar and you’re ready to go!
  5. To use your new sun and moon jars, place them outside or near a window where they can soak up the sun. This allows them to capture the sunlight and glow all night long.

How will you use your new sun and moon jars?


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