How to: Make Sewn Valentines

Have you ever tried sewing on paper before? It’s surprisingly very easy, and I love the way it looks to combine traditional paper crafts with sewing! Dana from Made has a simple tutorial on quilted notecards, which is what inspired me to try it. I also used this tutorial for inspiration.

I made these Valentines to send in our Valentine card swap. If you sign up to participate, you could be one of the people to receive one in the mail! You can sign up until February 4th. Now here’s how to make them:

  1. First I cut some scrapbooking card stock to be the size of the envelopes I already had on hand.
  2. Then I made a heart template with some of the card stock scraps. I folded the paper in half, drew half of a heart, cut it out, and unfolded it to reveal a perfectly symmetrical heart. You know, that old trick.
  3. I bought felt in red, dark pink, light pink, and cream. Since I was making 3 cards (one for each of my swap partners), I cut three hearts from each color. Since each heart had to be slightly smaller than the one underneath it, I trimmed my template down with each color.

    They look so pretty all stacked up!

  4. I took one heart of each color and arranged them on top of each other and placed them on the front of the card.

  5. And then I stitched right down the center of the hearts.

    The hearts are even a little bit 3-D, which is my favorite part.

You can do whatever you want for the inside of the cards. Want to see what the inside of my cards looks like? Join our swap and maybe you’ll get one in the mail!


  1. says

    Cute idea! I’m always looking for new ideas. Hubs and I have always exchanged handmade cards for Valentine’s Day. After the first decade, coming up with new card ideas can be challenging.

  2. Alicia says

    This is a cute idea my little girl is always wanting to make things and she loves hearts! This will be great for her todo!

  3. cathy erikson says

    it looks easy to do
    I maded sometning similar but only used two felts and hand sewed and added silver x & o.

  4. Martha says

    Could I hand sew the felt and have the same result as I don’t own a sewing machine nor know how to sew? I love your idea!

  5. says

    Oh no! I are unable to make it and I’m so sad! I really want to go however the girls are throwing me a likely away party that night at Angie’s. And that i need so much clothes for my new job. So bummed. In any case, use a blast and that i would go along with the dress its fab! XOXO


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