How to Make New Year’s Eve Decorations and Games

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which means you have very limited time to prepare and make those last minute decorations. You need to ring in the new year with a bang and tons of fun with your closest friends and family. If you’re having a house party then you definitely need to spruce up the place with some great decorations. And of course you need to plan some fun activities and games to make for a great night.

A really easy, yet fun decoration you can make for New Year’s is the paper garland rings. This is perfect for kids to help out with. All you need are different colored pieces of construction paper, scissors and either tape or a stapler. It’s so simple. You cut your construction paper to the desired thickness of each ring. Then you connect one end to the other and either tape or staple. Once you have your first ring you can then loop the second one through the first and staple or tape. You continue to do this until you have the desired length of your paper garland. If you want to get fancy you can always add some glitter to make the room sparkle.

Another one of my favorite decorations that are easy to make are fun little centerpieces. You can put these on the dinner table or dining table, it adds fun to the room. Materials needed are wire garland red and green, with stars hanging from them or little trees if you can find, a styrofoam base the size of your choosing and shiny cellophane wrapping along with ribbon. Again, this is such an easy craft for the kids to help out with. All you need to is stick the wire garland into the styrofoam base and format to your liking. Of course you need to cut the garland into pieces whichever length you wish. Once all your garland is nicely formatted and spread out like a floral vase you take the cellophane and wrap it around the styrofoam base and tie the ribbon into a nice bow. There you go, a nicely decorated centerpiece for the new year.

An easy and fun game for New Year’s Eve is the Memory game, only this time you can create it yourself. Using paper cups, beer bottle caps (two caps per beer so there are only two to match) and pop bottle caps (two caps per pop flavor) you can make this so simple. All you need to do is layout the bottle caps face up so you can see the label. You can use as many or as little as you wish, the more you use, the harder and more fun it will be. Once all the caps are laid out you can put a paper cup over all of them. Then start playing. The point of the game is to match up as many caps as you can. Find two like caps and whoever gets the most matches wins.

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  1. says

    I LOVED making Christmas decorations with my Grandmother and sister when I was a kid! Granny taught us how to make paper garlands – it was a precious memory for her too, as back in the 30’s, when Granny was little, most families had home-made Christmas decorations (store-bought ones were too expensive!). My sister was also good at making pretty paper angels and birds… your post made me nostalgic!! ^_^

  2. Sarah Palmer says

    Hi! My name is Sarah. I’ll teach you how to make a homemade gingerbread decoration. First, cut a gingerbread shape on a peice of brown paper. Decorate the gingerbread with for example, beads as the eyes and paper as ascarf or something. Remember- be CREATIVE!!

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