How to Make Mother’s Day Decorations

Mother’s day comes around but once a year. And every year is a special time for all those mothers in the world. Show them just how much you care with some creative and crafty Mother’s day decorations. You don’t have to go all out and decorate the entire house with streamers and confetti, but even the smallest of things will make her heart melt.

As I’ve said before, flowers can be very costly, especially around holidays and Mother’s Day is one of those holidays. Instead of spending money on flowers that will only last a few days, use your creative talents to make your own flower decorations. Here’s what you need to make a cute and fun flower:

  • Pipe Cleaners- any color you wish
  • Yellow or Orange Cotton Ball
  • Glue

*Note: If you choose multiple colored pipe cleaners you can make each petal a different color. OR you can just make different colored flowers for a fun bouquet.

  1. Take your first pipe cleaner and twist the ends together. Then push down in the middle and twist the pipe cleaner over itself creating the look of a figure eight. You continue doing this with three different pipe cleaners (petals).
  2. Once you have your three petals you lay one layer on top of the other, adjusting the petals to be adjacent to each other.
  3. You can then take a green pipe cleaner and put it over the middle of all three, twisting it around to keep them together, also creating the stem.
  4. With the middle of the green pipe cleaner you can bring it up to make a loop for a leaf. Again, twist it, so it stays put. Then put a dab of glue onto the cotton ball and glue it in the middle of the flower. Before doing so, be sure you spread out the petals so it looks like a nice flower. You can do this again as many times as you wish making many flowers in creating a nice bouquet. You can attach all the flowers together by wrapping a green pipe cleaner around all of them.

Put it in a vase and you have a nice Mother’s day decoration.

What’s a creative Mother’s Day decoration you can share with us?

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