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How to Make Halloween Decorations Using Everyday Things

As a whole, I think we’re all trying to pinch pennies lately, so spending that extra cash on Halloween decorations seems needless this year. However, nothing would scream “recession” louder than skipping out on the ordeal altogether! No we cannot! Look around your house and see what you can come up with, I swear it’s that easy. Okay, maybe a quick trip to the craft store is also in order, but yes, you can save money doing this. Using simple and inexpensive everyday materials, we can create some pretty wonderful Halloween decorations.



  1. To create the perfect Halloween scene, take the cotton balls and carefully pull apart the cotton so that it starts to look like spider webbing. With enough cotton, this web can hang in the corner of a doorway and really freak people out when they walk into it. Embellish it with some spooky spiders! Using styrofoam balls painted black, stick pipe cleaners into the sides to create a creepy arachnid – then place him in the web.
  2. Another easy Halloween decoration involves the cheesecloth and old stuffed animals. Using enough cheesecloth to drape over the animals – create miniature ghosts by painting a ghost face, or cutting holes in the cloth – whichever you prefer. And you thought Chucky was creepy!
  3. Lastly, for most any holiday, a wreath on your front door is a must-have. At your local craft store, pick up a plain wreath, wire or grapevine, and embellish it with little Halloween toys that you’ve collected over the years. Attach fun little mementos using wire or glue to fasten. This one is super easy and practical for now and the future.For more ideas for wreath decorating, check out Mary Ellen’s guest blog post, Start With a Wreath.

A lot of times, we have the resources available to do great things, we just don’t know how to use them. And as a result, we often resort to the easiest and most convenient option – which usually means it costs more money. Store-bought decorations are great, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks this year, try making some of your Halloween accessories and decorations. You might even have more fun than if you just bought something generic! If you like these ideas, check out the entire article at FaveCrafts.