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How to Make Glue Yarn Balls

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If you can remember about a month ago, I alluded to a Part 3 to my centerpiece saga. If you’re just joining me, read about the paper globes and the crepe paper pomanders I made for my wedding centerpieces. And for all of you who waited patiently for part 3, here it is: Glue Yarn Balls!

I’ve seen this idea all over the place, and I decided it would be a cute addition to my centerpieces, to give them some variety. So half of the tables will have paper globes, and half will have these yarn balls.

To be honest, this project was a little bit of a craft FAIL! But I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that I’ll share with you, and hopefully my next round turns out better.



  1. First mix some glue and water in a tray and stir it (I stirred with a straw so I could throw it away when I was done.) I’m not sure of the preferred glue to water ratio, to be honest. I might have used too much water, because my yarn wasn’t very stiff at the end (see? Craft FAIL!).
  2. Then blow up a bunch of balloons to your desired size. Here’s another failure: I first bought water balloons, but they were very difficult to blow up and ended up making egg shapes instead of balls. Then I bought regular balloons but some of them deflated over night. I’d say either type of balloon could work. Some of my balloons didn’t deflate, so I’d probably go with the regular ones, since they were easier to work with.
  3. Next, wrap some yarn around your hand (I did about 50 times).And soak that yarn in the glue mixture.
  4. Then ring out the yarn and start wrapping it around a balloon in a random pattern.
  5. Here’s a tip: When I popped my balloons at the end, I noticed the yarn was stuck to the balloon, so my yarn balls deflated a little bit. I’ve heard that if you cover your balloon with Vaseline before hand, this won’t happen.

  6. When the balloon is sufficiently wrapped with yarn, cut the yarn from the rest of the skein, tuck the end in, and roll the entire balloon around in the glue mixture again to make sure the yarn is coated.
  7. Then lay the balloon on a piece of wax paper to dry overnight. Tip: I had to dry mine for about 2 days, flipping the balloon over after the first day.
  8. When you’re sure the glue is completely dry, go ahead and pop the balloons and pull them out from the inside of the balls. You should have round, hollow yarn balls when you’re done.

Here’s how the yarn balls look inside my “vases”:

So that’s all, folks! How do you like my centerpieces? Do you have any tips on how to make this craft work a little better? What should I do about my deflated balloons problem??