How To: Make an Earth Day Flower

Earth Day is just about a week away, so it’s time to get in the recycling mood if you haven’t already. One of the best times of year to try upcycle and recycle crafts is in the Spring when we’re all trying to be a bit more ec0-conscious. I got an idea from a scrapbooker on Youtube who did a quick tutorial on easy paper flowers. It got me thinking… this could be a super easy recycle craft that uses magazine pages, which would have the potential to look super funky and eclectic too.


  • Magazine pages, cut in 1 3/4″ strips (the more colorful the better)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or Quick Grip heavy duty adhesive
  • Medium to Large size Buttons


  1. With each strip of magazine paper, fold it like an accordian all the way up.
  2. Bend the strip in around a glue the two ends together (so it lays in a flower shape)
  3. Cut out a circle (or die-cut) 2-inch diameter.
  4. Glue circle to the back of the flower, this will stabilize the flower.
  5. Glue one button or a cluster of fun small buttons to the center of the flower.
  6. Adorn our Earth Day cards with fun recycled paper flowers!

Here is the video tutorial that inspired this craft. Use scrapbook paper like she does, or go all out for Earth Day and use newspaper or magazine pages and have fun!

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