How to: Make a No Knit Scarf

Have you heard of this trend?  Apparently, no-knit scarves are all the rage!  For both knitters and non-knitters alike, the no-knit scarf is a simple way to achieve a scarf made out of cozy yarn, without all the work of knitting.

I’m planning on using this Cupcake Yarn from LionBrand.


So how is it done!?  Read on for the easy tutorial.



Since you’re not actually knitting in this project, you don’t need to focus on yarn weight or gauge, simply choose a skein of yarn that you find the most appealing.  Be bold in your color choice.  Autumn and Winter tend to be dreary and overcast, so bright colors will help you stand out and look fantastic among the fallen leaves and snow.  And now, without further adieu, here are the steps.

1.  The first thing you’ll have to do is transform your yarn into a hank of yarn. What is a hank exactly?  A hank is a big piece of yarn shaped that’s been twisted into a loop shape. Just like this:


Turning your yarn into a hank is simple, but first you’ll have to decide how long you want your scarf to be.  If you want a longer scarf, try wrapping your yarn around the back of two side-by-side chairs.  For shorter scarves, the back of one chair will suffice.  To begin making your hank, cut about a 4-inch piece of yarn from your skein of choice and set it aside.  Start by tying your yarn to the chair for support, then wrap the yarn tightly around the chair(s).  Once you’ve finished, remove the the large loop from the chair(s) and twist it a few times.

2.  Put your twisted yarn on a flat surface and knot the start and end pieces of the yarn together so that the hank doesn’t unravel.  Use the extra 4-inch piece and tie off a third section of the hank, dividing the hank into thirds.

3.   Cut 3 pieces of leather, whatever size you wish.  Mine were approximately 2″ wide and 5″ long.

4.  Place 2 Velcro Squares Stick on one end of the leather with both layers attached.  Or use some leather glue to hold them together.   Roll the other side of the leather tightly towards the velcro, over one of the three tied off sections of the yarn. Do the same for the other two remaining sections.

5.   And now your incredibly easy scarf is ready to hit the town!  Enjoy!

Photo by Honestly … WTF blog!



  1. cheeny says

    step 2 is confusing to me if you tie the start and end of the yarn together how does adding the 4 inch piece you save from the start make it a 3re section section dividing the hank of yarn in to 3rds? this makes no sence to me

  2. Kathy Upton says

    It’s only a waste if you throw it away. Now you always have an emergency stash of yarn if you’re out and about and need to whip up a hat or mittens. 🙂

  3. gerry says

    I like the idea but,instead of tying in place with leather I use contrasting yarn. Sometime I’ll string beads on the yarn.

  4. me says

    adieu is French for goodbye. i think what you meant was ‘without further ado’, as in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”, meaning ‘Much To Do About Nothing’. ado means ‘to do’, therefore, ‘without further ado’ means ‘without further to do’. makes much more sense than ‘without further goodbye’.

  5. Margie says

    Learn to knit…this is just insane….I would rotf laughing if I eversawthis on someone

  6. pm henry says

    For folks who are unable to normally do handcrafts or children, this is an excellent idea,

    Although I knit and crochet, I will use this for my more trendy granddaughters. They will love it. A self striping yarn would also make a lovely scarf.

    Thank you so much for the idea and what fun it will be to play with.

  7. Michelle says

    video on this would be much more helpful! on the hank i had to go google it espicaly for peeps like me who love to do crafts but never got into the knitting section 🙂

  8. sheri kiser says

    If you do not have something nice to say, keep your comments to yourself. You are very rude. These people share their ideas for people who are interested, you did not have to open the site. Who are you to criticize someone sharing their ideas. I do not see you sharing your ideas anywhere. Just learn to knit. Just learn to be considerate of others.

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