How to Make a Dough Flower

Making flowers out of craft dough is just like playing with play dough. Except these might last longer and craft dough is easier to work with. Not to mention, the kids can’t play with this one. Make dough flowers in minutes with this easy tutorial that just requires some dough and your two hands. Dough flowers can be used to embellish craft projects like centerpieces and fun decor. Or make them into jewelry like someone did in this great YouTube tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Package of craft dough (found at most craft stores)
  • Your two hands


  1. With a ball of dough in your hands, make a skinny snake-like extension by rolling the dough between your fingers.
  2. Flatten the end of the “snake” with your fingers and pull it off to make something that looks like a petal.
  3. Roll the petal inward. This creates the center of your flower.
  4. Do this process again, eliminating step 3, so you have 3 petals to surround your center.
  5. Hug the center with your 3 petals and curve the ends outward so they look like precious petals.

Here is a YouTube video by JustUSGirlz that illustrates this tutorial beautifully.

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  1. Nicola Trumbull says

    Wow, how simple and fun! I will have to try this tutorial out, and see what fun uses I can come up with for these little flowers. I think they can be adhered to a pendant of some sort and be put on long necklace with various other charms as well. You could probably get really fancy with different colors and patterns in the clay petals too.

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