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How To Make a Basket Out of Chicken Wire and Yarn

My fave event at the Craft Hobby Association Show in Anaheim is the Prime Publishing Blogger Networking Event. I love putting faces in person, to folks I’ve become friends with in type. And when you get home, the swag arrives, big time!
This year I got a large selection of metal and metal tools from MD Crafts. and a Mega Bulky acrylic yarn from Bernat. I never would have chosen these  materials and tools for myself, and they really got the creative juices flowing.


Crocheted Mega Bulky Chickenwire Basket
Tools and Supplies 
  1. Wearing the gloves, use the shears to cut a piece of chicken wire about twice as wide and long as the basket you want to make.
  2. Folding and bending the wire, mold the wire into a basket shape, tucking in sharp edges.
  3. Be sure to fold over the top rim for stability and strength .
  4. Starting at the top  make a loop with the yarn and begin finger crocheting around the rim.
  5. Using your finger, poke the yarn though the wire holes and pull the yarn through creating a chain stitch.
  6. Starting at the bottom, build up the sides in the same way, going back and forth in rows through the holes in the wire.
  7. You could add beads or other embellishments in at this point.
  8. I did try using a 15mm hook, and decided fingers worked better !
  9. If you have sharp areas or wire, use extra stitches to cover them.
  10. At the top rim, chain about 7 stitches to create a handle and secure with a slip stitch.
  11. Repeat building up the other side and making a handle.
  12. Weave in any loose ends.

You can add as much crochet to the walls as you want. I had already made a crocheted bag out of the yarn, so I only had enough yarn to do the side walls. (The bag is also featured in a free E-Book-Best Blogger Crafts 2015)

You could use your basket to hold your new craft tools…or carry veggies in from the garden, or what ever your imagination can create!

What would you like to use this basket for?