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How to Make a Back-to-School Organizer Board

Let’s face it–the overwhelming number of papers that are generated by kids in school is, well overwhelming! Not only are there papers that need to be signed and returned, but there are also the other papers–art projects, graded homework, schedules, and so much more. Keeping everything straight can be a losing battle, but a school paper organizer board makes it easy (or, at least, easier).



  1. Assuming you need a vertical space approximately 9″ wide x 24″ long for each child in your family, determine the bulletin board size you need.
  2. Paint or adhere the letters of each child’s name to the top of their designated section (see diagram below).
  3. Cut ribbon or rick rack to separate the vertical sections and glue it in place to divide the vertical sections (see diagram below).  If desired, add horizontal rows of trim under the name and another horizontal row to divide the remaining section in half so there’s a designated section for things that are coming into the house (artwork and notes to be signed) and another designated section for things that are to be taken back to school (signed permission slips, notes to the teacher, etc.).