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How to Knit a Bow

When I saw this adorable bow headband tutorial by Stephanie from A Common Thread, I knew I had to try to make my own.  While I loved the idea of creating a stylish headband from yarn scraps, I also wanted my bow to be more versatile.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could transform my bow into a hairclip or a necklace at every fashionable whim?   I sure thought so,  and so I created my own bow with an open back where either a chain or hairclip can easily be inserted – depending on where my stylish whim takes me.


Here’s how I made my version of this fabulous idea!



  1. I happened to have some new DK weight yarn that I wanted to try out, so I used that instead of the recommended worsted weight yarn for this tutorial.  I also used larger sized needles so my bow would come out light and delicate.
  2. To begin, CO 13 stitches and knit the seed stitch for every row until you have a rectangular piece that’s six inches in length.  You can use any stitch you like – garter stitch, daisy stitch, stockinette stitch – I just love the texture of the seed stitch and thought it would make a stunning accessory:
  3. Once your rectangle is long enough, BO and weave in the ends.  Take some more yarn of the same color and CO 5 stitches.  Continue knitting the seed stitch (or whatever stitch you selected for step 2) for every row until your tiny rectangle is three to three and a half inches long.
  4. Take your smaller rectangle and wrap it around the middle of the larger rectangle and sew sides together.  I also attached the sides of the smaller rectangle to the top of  the larger rectangle to increase stability.
  5. You’re done!  If you want to wear your new bow as a necklace, simply thread a chain through the back of the bow.  Want to put it in your hair?  Slip a metal hairclip through the back and you’re ready to go.  I hope you enjoy!


How will you use your bow?  Tell us in the comments!