How to Embroider: Learning About Embroidery Stitches

AllFreeSewingThe art of embroidery is an intricate and delicate one. Using a needle and a string of yarn or thread to slowly hand-stitch a design can be daunting to grasp. Some designs can be fairly simple, so a beginner can easily fumble around and slowly practice. Once you’re comfortable in the more basic areas of embroidery, you can move on and try more advance patterns, which can be more intricate and time-intensive. The more elaborate the design, the more careful you have to be. AllFreeSewing is a great resource for all types of embroidery projects, so you can sharpen your hand-stitching skills no matter your current level.

You can embroider pretty much anything out there that’s fabric! You can personalize pillowcases, washcloths, and even clothes with a single needle and thread. Whether you hand-stitch directly into the fabric or you create an applique to attach later, embroidery is a great way to learn the finer points of sewing. Check out some of our favorite embroidery projects and make a few today!


Needle Organization

Once you get the hang of embroidery, you’ll probably want to own a few needles of different sizes, and then store them in a way so you don’t lose them. These needle cases are just that!Storybook Needle Case

Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial

Embroidered Needle Book

Storybook Needle Case


Around the House

Many people take very simple items around the house, like dish towels or pillowcases, and add some embroidery to them. That way, you have a unique and decorated fabric piece that you crafted to your specifications.

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel

Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel

Embroidered Recipe Card Holder

Ribbon Embroidery Pillow Cases

Embroidered Apple Tree Pillow

Bird Lover Embroidered Coaster

Grandmother’s China Embroidered Pillow

Embroidered Box Curtains

Embroidered Envelope Pillow



Clothing and Accessories

Just like with items around the house, you can take any accessory or piece of clothing and add your own stitched embellishments to it. Take a bag or purse and use your needlepoint skills to add a fun design, or add some flair to a fuzzy pair of tights. The possibilities are endless!

Dotty Embroidered ToteDotty Embroidered Tote

Don’t Shoot the Messenger Bag

Embroidered Dog Tee

Bunting Inspired Winter Gloves

Embroidered Fabric Wristlet

DIY Embellished Tights Tutorial

Hand Embroidered Baby Bib



Hoop Stitching/Wall Art

You can easily create a hangable work of art using embroidery, so let these great projects show you how! All you need is a piece of fabric to stitch your design into and a way to hang it; you can frame these projects with a typical photo frame or with a circular hoop.

Embroidery Hoop ArtLabor of Love Freezer Paper Embroidery

Baby Name Embroidery Pattern

Delicate Flowers Embroidery Pattern

Labor of Love Freezer Paper Embroidery




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What are you going to embroider?


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