How To Create Your Own Craft Selling Event!

How to create your own craft selling event you ask? Maria Nerius has put together a nice guide on how to host an open house. She gives some tips about checking with your local government on any regulations you may have, timelines, dates and ideas on how to succussfully host an open house selling your crafts. Another tip includes calling your Department of Revenue to find out if state sales tax must be collected.

An open house is one of the ways that you can earn money to offset your craft habit or earn some extra income for your household. Many crafters would like to sell items they make, but don’t want to make a commitment of “becoming” a business.

Maria has some really great insiteful tips so be sure you read all about it.


  1. says

    That’s a very useful article and a great list of things to do to make it all work.

    You might also want to consider asking those who attend if they would like you to repeat the event at their house. It’s party plan – but you always retain control – just do as many as you want!


  2. Mary says

    Hi; I am having a Spring “Craft Open House in 2 weeks; so I am busy getting everything ready; I am a decorative Artist so I do a lot of painting of items; I have a selection of Etched glass Items; painted glass and wooden items; and some clay items; and with Easter just around the corner I have added some Easter Gifts as well! I love the Articles on this topic, and all business related articles!

    “Creative Strokes” by M.J.

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