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Good Thoughts CardColoring was one of the greatest activities in all of childhood. Back then, the biggest emphasis was learning how to color inside the lines. It didn’t matter how much pressure was exerted on the marker, colored pencil, or crayon. Mixing colors didn’t seem to be much of a problem, and if the unfortunate error of mixing the wrong colors occurred, it was easy enough to start over. The extent of sharpening the coloring techniques meant coloring the whole picture and making it pretty.

Now that we’re a little older and we’re adamant paper crafters, it’s time to sharpen our coloring skills! Stamps are a beautiful way to embellish paper crafts, but a plain outline can only go so far to really make a handmade card or scrapbook layout pop. Instead of leaving an empty outline on the page, color in your stamps! Learn how to color like an expert with classes from Annie’s Crafts.

I was fortunate enough to take one of Annie’s online classes, and I learned so much about different coloring mediums! A marker or a colored pencil could make the difference in really achieving the look you are going for with any of your rubber stamping projects. Instructor Keri Lee Sereika teaches a two hour session titled Creative Coloring Techniques. Within this class, Sereika covers a variety of mediums, including colored pencils, alcohol markers, airbrush systems, watercolors, watercolor pencils, chalks, and pigmented powders.


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How to Color with Colored Pencils

This segment was so much fun to watch. Most of us have toyed with colored pencils before, but I learned so many innovative techniques for using them! Sereika talks about shading, blending, identifying light sources, and more. Colored pencils are an incredibly versatile material to work with, and they have great effects!

How to Color with Alcohol Markers

Coloring with alcohol markers is a skill that has fascinated me recently, and I was very excited to learn more about this medium! The vivid colors and effects that can come from these markers are truly astounding. The markers are great for blending, too.

You are Beautiful CardHow to Watercolor

Sereika talks about the uses of both watercolors and watercolor pencils, and she offers an array of tips and techniques for using each medium. For example, you can use your acrylic block as a palette for your watercolors. I’m always so amazed when I find new ways to use the same materials.

How to Use Chalk

To gain a soft and smooth effect, chalks and pigmented powers are an excellent option. They are very forgiving, and you can create gorgeous effects by layering various colors.


Creative Coloring Techniques

Learn how to color with any of these awesome mediums when you win this class in our free giveaway! is giving away one Creative Coloring Techniques online class from Annie’s Crafts! Enter HERE to win. Contest ends 12/8/2013.





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