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How to Celebrate Sweetest Day

Okay, so I know there are mixed feelings about Sweetest Day. I did a little research and the truth is, YES, it was a holiday created more than 80 years ago by some candy companies to increase sales in mid-October. Think about that–a holiday to increase candy sales in October. Hmm… I have to believe October now ranks pretty high in candy sales, given the number of times I’ve eaten the candy I bought for trick-or-treat and had to buy more. But I digress.

In addition to the commercial angle of selling more candy, the candy guys had their hearts in the right place. They were promoting it as giving candy to the less fortunate–in those days, that was newsboys, orphans, old folks, and the poor, according to Wikipedia. Of course, as is apt to happen, things change. Now it’s a holiday that some men get beat up over forgetting or ignoring (poor guys) and many of us don’t even notice. (I give my guy a pass on this one.)

So in the true spirit of it being a day to do nice things for the less fortunate, I have ideas of what you can do to really celebrate Sweetest Day on Saturday, October 16.

  1. Clear through your craft supplies and either A) donate the ones you won’t ever use to a charity or B) set them aside in a special box or bag for idea #2.
  2. Make a commitment to yourself to use the supplies you no longer need to make projects for donation.  Two skeins of yarn worked up in single crochet as you mindlessly watch your favorite TV show will make a scarf for someone who needs one, while one ball can be used for a quick and easy hat. Or crochet easy mittens or knit a pair of mittens instead. Random scraps of yarn can be used to make granny squares for a blanket like this brightly colored throw. You can work up squares in your free time and when you have enough, you can join them into a baby blanket or larger throw. Do you sew? I was talking to a woman the other day who was making Stockings for Soldiers and she’d already made the 400 stockings she’d promised for this year and was working on some for next year! Another great project for sewers is Project Linus. If you’re a cardmaker, you can make cards and send them to Operation Write Home which sends them on to the troops so they can send cards home. The Split Coast Stampers have a great Cards for a Cause challenge each month on their forum–every month, a different place to send your cards! What a great idea! One tip–set goals for yourself so the box doesn’t just sit there until NEXT Sweetest Day. Maybe it’s one Saturday a month for four hours or every Tuesday night during The Biggest Loser TV show, but make the time.
  3. You made some projects in bulk as gifts (ornaments, jewelry, etc.) and have the supplies left to make a few more? Check with your favorite non-profit. See if they are looking for finished items they can sell and donate the finished crafts to them. Or have a table at their bazaar or craft fair, sell your work, and donate the proceeds. At a recent craft fair, a vendor was selling handmade jewelry and the proceeds were going to the local animal shelter. What a great way to support a cause you believe in.
  4. Would you love to learn to knit, learn to crochet, or learn to sew from your grandma, great aunt, mom, buddy, family friend, neighbor,  but haven’t made the time? What better way to celebrate Sweetest Day than to reach out to that person and spend a great day together. You’ll feel great learning something new and they’ll feel better for passing along their skills.
  5. Be sweet to yourself — take a break and spend some time creating something. No card or candy needed (unless you want a snack…).
  6. And if you want to stick with the current interpretation, make a Sweetest Day gift or a Sweetest Day card for the special person in your life.

Have yourself a fabulous Sweetest Day and be sweet to someone!

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