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National Sewing Month: How to Sew Hoodies & DIY Sweatshirts for Every Young Man

It’s Day Eleven of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.

National Sewing Month 2013

A key ingredient to making the fall season complete is a great collection of sweatshirts. Autumn is the season for breaking out all your best hoodies to dress yourself perfectly for both the indoor and outdoor temperatures. A good sweatshirt is just what you need for the days you’ll spend raking up piles of leaves (which someone, maybe you, will inevitably jump in) and for reading under a tree on a clear fall day.

DIY hoodies are a great way to get ready for the fall season; they’re both budget-friendly and infinitely more stylish than anything you’ll find on a rack at the store. The six patterns below are exactly what you need to get started sewing your own hoodies. Check out these tutorials to learn how to sew hoodies the young men in your life will love to wear.

DIY Sweatshirts Featuring AnimalsBear Necessities Hoodie

These DIY hoodies are just what you want for the little boys you love and care for. For babies and toddlers, a warm and cozy sweatshirt is perfect for when the autumn season rolls around. Not only are these hoodies comfy to wear, they are also just so darn cute. These little jackets will make everyone’s heads turn as you and your child stroll down the sidewalk; everyone will want to know where you got your child’s adorable animal-themed sweatshirt. Check out the sewing tutorials to learn how to sew hoodies that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Baby Bear Hoodie: The little bear ears on this DIY hoodie will turn your baby into a cuddly bear cub.

Bear Necessities Hoodie: Refashioning clothes is a budget-friendly alternative to buying new outfits — plus this hoodie is too cute to pass up.

Boy Shark Hoodie: This DIY sweatshirt takes a bite out of adorable. Follow the tutorial to learn how to add shark teeth onto a gray hoodie.

Everyday DIY HoodiesYo Peace Hoodie

If you’re looking for hoodies for your boys to wear to school, these are the projects you need. Whether you’re sewing for a toddler or a teenager, there’s a sewing pattern that’s just right for you. These DIY sweatshirts are soft and warm, and they’re perfect for the months of autumn. Learn how to sew sweatshirts any boy would be proud to wear by following along with these simple sewing tutorials. You’ll save money that you might have wasted at the store and you’ll have a blast putting a personal touch on your son’s outerwear.

Boy’s Hoodie Tutorial: There’s no need to sort through piles of sweatshirts at the store when you can sew your son a sweatshirt on your own for a fraction of the cost.

Toddler Hoodie Tutorial: Your little boy will look like a little man in this classy, gray DIY sweatshirt.

Yo Peace Hoodie: Add a little sass to your son’s wardrobe by sewing him this great sweatshirt featuring a peace sign.

Are boys harder to sew for than girls?


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