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How to Make Stuffed Animals: National Sewing Month 2013

It’s Day Two of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.

National Sewing Month 2013

A tried and true way to provide comfort for young kids is a collection of stuffed animals. Even better than giving your child a stuffed animal is to make stuffed animals all on your own. DIY plushies are infinitely better and more appreciated than stuffed animals you can buy from the store because the ones you make on your own are filled not just with stuffing, but also with your love and care.

Free stuffed animal patterns are just what you need to get started creating your own plush toys. All of the stuffed animal patterns below would be perfect handmade gifts to give a child in your life for Hannukah or Christmas this year (Time is pressing to get those gifts together!). Pick out a pattern or two (or three or four or nine) and make stuffed animals that will surely put a smile on the face of the child you love.

Sewing Tutorials for Forest Friends Fluffy Fleece Bunny

Children will absolutely love playing with stuffed animals in the shapes of their favorite forest friends. Not only will your kids have fun cuddling with DIY plush forest animals, they’ll also enjoy playing make believe with them too. Make stuffed animals in the shapes of owls, foxes, and bunnies that your kids will want to play with all day long.

Cashmere Bunny Tutorial

Easter Birdy Tutorial

Fluffy Fleece Bunny

Fuzzy Stuffed Bunny

Little Bunnies

Owl Plushie Tutorial

Plush Fox Pattern

Soft Plush Fox

Make a Plush Toy Pet Silly Sock Puppet

Whether your family has already adopted an animal or your kids aren’t quite ready to take care of a pet, these homemade stuffed animals are perfect for all. Use these sewing tutorials to learn how to make stuffed animals that resemble pets you may already take care of like dogs and turtles.

How To Make a Pillow Pet

Plush Party Turtles

Silly Sock Puppet

Stuffed Fabric Turtles


DIY Plush Bugs and InsectsBumble Bee Buddy

These homemade plushies will be all the buzz among your kids’ friends. Make a plush toy bee or ladybug to connect with the nature-lover in your child. These sewing tutorials will show you how to make stuffed bugs and insects your kids will love to bring to the park.

Bumble Bee Buddy

Buzzing Buddies

Ladybug Buddy

Spider Bug Buddy


Make Stuffed Animals from the ZooStuffed Elephant Pattern

Now your kids can adopt those zoo animals they love so much — in toy form! Learn how to make stuffed animals shaped like your kids’ favorite zoo friends. These stuffed animal patterns are the perfect solution to filling your home with the fun of the zoo without the smell of the zoo.

Beanie Sock Giraffe

Refreshingly Different Doorstop

Stuffed Elephant Pattern


Even More Stuffed Animal PatternsShark Stuffed Softie

Check out the stuffed animal patterns below for even more plushy fun! You can make stuffed animals in any shapes you’d like.

Funny Felt Racing Snail

Little Lamb Pillows

Shark Stuffed Softie

What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child?