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Thank Your Teachers! 25 Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas

Ideas for teacher gifts aren’t always easy to find! Your child won’t want to bring in the same gift as a classmate; instead, help your little student make something homemade. Handmade teacher gift ideas are so exciting because they give you an opportunity to craft something totally unique with your kids. Thank your student’s teacher in a heartfelt way by crafting any of these awesome teacher gift ideas before the school year is over!


Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas

Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas


Homemade Thank You Cards

Apple Core Spool Card

Every gift should come with a card, and we have fantastic card making ideas to thank the teachers! Get creative with your card making. A personal favorite is the Apple Core Spool Card. With a simple wooden spool and a cleverly attached piece of paper, this card is completely unique and charming. Find even more homemade thank you cards below!

  1. Apple Core Spool Card
  2. Apple Leaf Card and Snack
  3. “Apple of My Eye” Box and Card Set
  4. Teacher’s Gift Birthday Cards
  5. Teaching Award Ribbon Card


Ideas for Teacher Gifts

DIY Desk Organizer

Anyone can pick up a gift card or a box of chocolates at the store, so why not surprise your child’s teacher with a gift that is completely original? Use basic craft supplies to craft up a fantastic homemade gift. Mason jars are a popular supply. Use a mason jar to create a flower vase or a clever apple! You can make pencil holders, classroom decor, sticky note holders, and more! The best gifts are homemade, and we have an array of DIY teacher gift ideas to inspire you.

  1. Adorable Apple Jar
  2. An Apple for Teacher Gift Box
  3. Candy Coated Pretzel Pencils
  4. Darling Decoupaged Clipboard
  5. DIY Desk Organizer
  6. Dr. Seuss Teacher Gift
  7. Giant Goody Pencil
  8. Monogrammed Gift for Teachers
  9. Pencil Blooms for Teachers
  10. Personalized Hand Sanitizer
  11. School Teacher Clock
  12. Sticky Note Holder Gift
  13. Teacher Appreciation Mug
  14. Teacher Appreciation Vase
  15. Teacher Flower Gifts
  16. Teacher’s Pencil Vase
  17. Teacher’s Pet Post-it Holder
  18. Tiny Apple Refrigerator Magnets
  19. Tribute to Teacher
  20. You are Tea-rific Gift
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