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Homemade Gifts: Appreciated or Not?

[Editorial Note: After publishing a newsletter recently with the line “Homemade gifts are always received with genuine warmth and love,” we received the following contact form from a reader. We thought it was an interesting and heartfelt response, and she was happy to let us share her letter with the rest of our crafting community in the hopes of a discussion. Has this happened to you? Have we lost the appreciation for homemade gifts? Do you think some of the appreciation is returning with the recent crafting revival?]

Letter from a Reader:

I was reading the newsletter today and you made the following statement, “Homemade gifts are always received with genuine warmth and love.”

I so wish that were the case. Unfortunately, there are ALOT of people that do NOT appreciate or want ANYTHING handmade and think that it is inferior to store bought! I had one person tell me that people will think they are poor or a hilbilly if they used the items I made! Unreal!! I have talked to so many crafters that have all had similar experiences, it’s quite sad really. When this has happened, I take back the gift, put it away and when another opportunity comes along that it will fit for, I give it to someone I KNOW will love and treasure it. And I make a mental note, not to give anything that has all my hard work, blood, sweat, time and most of all love in it to them ever again.

Then you have the people that say they love it and will use it and just store it away because either they really don’t like it or they think it’s too nice to be used. LOL!

But the ones that do appreciate and treasure the handmade things will always hold a special place in my heart! They are special people. Especially in this day and age where is seems rudeness is so common place.

Just thought I would share those thoughts.


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