14 Best Homemade Elf On a Shelf Ideas

Best Homemade Elf on a Shelf Ideas   Felt Ball Elf   Lily the Christmas Elf

How to Make an Elf on the Shelf

The elf on the shelf is a holiday tradition that can be passed down through a family for generations! Have you ever thought about making your own magical little elf? A homemade elf on a shelf can become a whimsical family heirloom, and here are some ideas for how to make them!

  1. Knit Elf Ornament
  2.  Adorable Wooden and Clay Pot Elf
  3.  Felt Elf Christmas Ornament
  4.  Felt Ball Elf
  5. Do It Yourself Elf on a Shelf
  6. Santa’s Little Helper Ornaments
  7. Little Pinecone Elves
  8.  Santa with his Elves
  9. Plunger Pals Santa and Elf
  10. Elf Dishcloth
  11. Elf Candy Cane Holder
  12. Lily the Christmas Elf
  13.  Elf Christmas Ornament
  14. Tiny Elf

Elf on a Shelf make Snow Angel    Elf on a Shelf Draws on Photos    Elf on a Shelf Spells words with Scrabble

How to do Elf on the Shelf

Once you make your elf on the shelf, you’ll need some ideas for what to do with it! In case you aren’t already in the know, an elf on a shelf is a magical little guy who travels to and from the North Pole during the Christmas season. According to elfontheshelf.com, there are two simple rules kids must know for having an elf: the elf cannot be touched, and the elf does not move if anyone in the house is awake.  During the night, the elf travels back to Santa to report on how naughty or nice the kids have been, and when he returns, he usually sits in a different spot!

As a parent, you don’t need to just move around the elf at night and leave it at that. Instead, your elf could get into some mischief! Here are some fun ideas from Pinterest to get inspired with your elf on the shelf:

  1. Elf on a Shelf Snow Angel
  2. Elf on a Shelf caught calling Santa
  3. Elf on a Shelf crafts
  4. Elf on a Shelf leaves a message with Scrabble pieces
  5. Elf on a Shelf goes fishing in the toilet
  6. Elf on a Shelf has a tea party
  7. More Elf on a Shelf ideas


What is the most creative thing you’ve done with your elf on the shelf?




  1. Mindy Jean Dahl says

    I don’t have one but if I did I would set him in the shower stall waiting for the next person to discover

  2. says

    I hide my elf on the shelf right before we open our gifts and whoever find him is rewarded with a gift card he’s got in his hands. Last year it was a card for gasoline to pay for their trip back home. This year it will be something else.

  3. Nina says

    I’m going to be making the “Lily the Christmas Elf” for my grand baby’s 1st Christmas in 2016. Have the
    parents start their tradition. Want to also make one for my daughter & one for myself, so that my husband & I can start our tradition ! Fantastic idea !!

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