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Ah, The Great Outdoors: Homemade Camping Gear and Munchies

The-Great-OutdoorsOh, how I miss family camping trips. As a child, there was nothing more exciting than watching my parents pull sleeping bags, lanterns, and outdoor eating utensils out of a storage closet. My little brother and I would run around and try to remember what each object was for. My parents, of course, would be less than amused: “Get out of the way; this box is heavy!” “Chelsea, turn that lantern off or you’ll waste the battery!” Making camping preparations was just about as exciting as the actual trip itself. If you’re planning a campout this summer, try to make some of your own homemade camping gear.

Your journey begins once you dust off a cooking set or unload cozy sleeping bags and when you discover the best s’mores recipe ever. And it will live on in the pages of a handmade travel journal. Make the absolute most out of your trip right from the start. These DIY camping ideas will make sure that your trip is as fun as it can be. Camping, of course, can be a stressful time, but we have everything you may need to bring right here, as well as a few snacks to enjoy. Let the kids be part of the fun with camping crafts for kids as well.


Homemade Camping Gear

Everything from cooking sets and sleeping bags to hand warmers and simple campfire seating can be found in this handy must-have camping list.

PENTAX ImageRugged Camper Cooking Set

Camping or Sleep Over Bag

No Sew Hand Warmers

Fun Camping Butt-Kits

Camping Tote

How to Make an Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Marshmallow Sticks

Good Things to Bring Camping

Summer Hike Water Bottle Strap

DIY Folding Camp Chair

Tin Can Name Plates


Food for Camping

I hope you’re not expecting something “healthy.” These delicious snacks for camping will satisfy your adventurer’s sweet tooth and include the best s’mores recipe ever. If you want to try a little something different and stray from oatmeal raisin cookies, then try making a few campfire cupcakes. As you make them at home, you’ll grow even more excited for your trip. Just make sure you don’t eat them all before you leave!

Campfire-Smores-Kabobs[1]Campfire S’mores Kabobs

Campfire Cupcakes

Cutest Cookie Campers

Edible Crafts Campfire

The Coolest Campfire Cookies

Camping Getaway Snack






How to Make a Travel Journal

No camping trip is complete without a special place to store all your memories. If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, consider making a travel journal to jot down a few funny stories or tape in some canoeing tickets. These woodsy journals are perfect for you to tote along on your trip.

Earthy-Memory-Book[1]Watercolor Travel Journal

Earthy Memory Book


BONUS!  If you need a few extra crafts to keep the kids busy while you’re setting up camp or trying to pack, download our free eBook:  22 Summer Crafts for Kids. I bet my parents wish they had this when they were trying to load the minivan!


What is on your list of must-have camping gear?