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Home Decor: Outdoor Spaces

The creation and decorating of outdoor living spaces has become a very hot trend in the last few years — it’s not just sandwiches at the picnic table or a grill and some lawn chairs on the deck anymore. Fully functioning kitchen spaces are being set up on room-size patios, complete with curtains, couches, and more.

Now I don’t know if you’re going that far with your outdoor decor this summer, but we do have some great outdoor decorating ideas on the FaveCrafts site. For some decorative items for your patio or porch, check out these crochet patio pillows, retro pitcher and glassware, and succulent container garden. If you have some resin chairs that have seen better days, check out this easy resin chair refresher. We also have a great side table recycling project and instructions for a beautiful fabric chair.

And while I’m on the topic of furniture, Kathy Peterson has recently launched a line of outdoor furniture that comes in 15 colors and is paintable! To introduce the line, she’s partnered with some of her creative pals and asked them to decorate her chairs and she’s sharing them in a blog hop. The first stop in the hop is a chair decorated by Pat Sloan, who has some great quilted projects on FaveCrafts! Pat’s quilt-inspired chair is bright, colorful, and, in my opinion, utterly wonderful! Kathy has enlisted the help of several creative bloggers, so she’ll have a new chair from a different designer each week this sumer — the schedule’s on her blog.

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