Hex Nut Mania! Jewelry from the Hardware Store

So, if you regularly follow blogs that make jewelry projects, you would have seen how huge hex nut jewelry was over the summer. If you didn’t get around to making yourself the infamous hex nut bracelet, don’t worry. I know the trend will continue, because it only seems to be expanding! The ease of finding “metal beads” at the hardware store for funky and fun looking jewelry seems to be attracting everyone still (and making hardware store happy). So if you haven’t tried your hand at making some cute hardware store jewelry projects, I’ve picked out some of my some of my favorites to inspire and intrigue you!

Anthropologie Knockoff Hardware Necklace


This Anthropologie inspired necklace is one of my favorites because it’s so easy and ends up looking so polished! Who knew metal piping and some rustic looking beads could look so expensive? And the best part is, you can probably make this necklace from start to finish for under $10. Cheap and chic? I’ll take it.


Hardware Store Necklace
This one is a little more rocker-chic, but a fun way to add a twist on the usual chain necklaces that you see tutorials for and in stores. The little metal washers are even completely in theme with the hardness of the chain necklace, but still keep it looking fun and feminine.





Electrical Wire Rings
Does your husband fancy himself an electrician? Then maybe you already have just what you need to make these Electric Wire Rings laying around the house! It’s such a good idea to make some fun and colorful costume jewelry that’s inexpensive and perfect for the summer (weird how hardware always seems so summer appropriate huh?)!



Washer Necklace

This washer necklace is another fun hardware store jewelry idea that takes the hard edge of metal and softens it up with some pretty ribbon! This is a very cool way to that hardware store bits and baubles and make them from feminine.








DIY Bolt Rings

These Bolt Rings take only minutes to make and instantly you have some cool statement rings to dress us some jeans and a t-shirt. All you need for this project is some bolts, some elastic, and a needle and thread!


Now that you can see how easy it is to make some hardware store jewelry and all the great things you can do with simple nuts and bolts, doesn’t it just make you want to run to your local Home Depot? That’s probably what I’m going to do on my drive home. I love the washer and ribbon necklace, but I might see if I can incorporate some different shapes too. Maybe throw in a lug nut or two? So what do you think? Hardware store jewelry? Yay or nay?


  1. Chad says

    What an interesting way to look at these materials! It’s surprising that more and more people are not creating things on their own like this during the national recession.

  2. Martha says

    Make cool jewelry AND support your local independent businesses! It’s a lot more fun to shop at a small family-owned business than the big box stores.

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