Here Comes the Sun Crochet Dress: National Craft Month Project & Giveaway

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Here Comes the Sun Crochet Dress


Today’s featured project is from Simplicity. Nothing will get you more ready for summer than this Here Comes the Sun Crochet Dress. It’s a fun crochet pattern that’s a must-have for every stylish woman this summer.

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Simplicity Creative Prize Package

Today’s prize is a knitting and crochet supplies pack from Simplicity. Included in the pack is: Yarn Ball Winder, I Taught Myself Knitting Kit, Assorted Crochet Hooks, Knitting Needles and accessories.


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Which is better: knitting or crochet? Why?

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  • You have until tonight, March 10th, 2014 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment on this post. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.



  1. Sheila Dabiri says

    Crochet does it for me though it would be interesting to see if I could learn to knit.

  2. Dena Freeborn says

    I love to crochet because it is less complicated than knitting. I have tried knitting several times but just get frustrated. Being a type “A” personality, I have control issues and you just can’t control knitting. Hahaha!!!

  3. carolyn wilcox says

    i prefer crochet because my hands shake and i get frustrated with dropping stitches in my knitting attempts

  4. Kelly Miller says

    I love knitting. I love crocheting. I teach both at a craft store nearby. I prefer knitting because I like the fabric better. I actually prefer the motion of knitting.

  5. Sue Wilson says

    Crocheting relaxes me. I can crochet for an hour and complete a project or at least have a lot to show for my time, while knitting for and hour, I’ve gotten very little done. I love crocheting!!!

  6. Marilyn Forsyth says

    I love to knit, crochet, cross-stitch and sew. I could really love to have the prize in this contest. Simplicity is the best.

  7. Jenn Lockhart says

    As I begin to pass the tradition down to my daughter, I can’t help but to think how wonderful it would be for her to have not only my hand me downs, but some new of her own. Winning these prizes would make her so happy! Thanks for the opportunity and your wonderful page.

  8. JoAnne Hudy says

    For me, knitting is better (only because I can do it somewhat). For the life of me, I can’t seem to get the hang of doing any crochet. I sure would love to, though, because the intricate patterns are just beautiful!

  9. Ami Patel says

    I like the cute and simple pattern of this dress, especially the fact that it would be comfortable to wear on a hot, summer day.

  10. Paula Edwards says

    Definitely find crochet easier and more relaxing… Especially in the car to work and back while Hubby’s driving… I Don’t become the back seat driver tee hee

  11. says

    Knitting is what I do – I cannot get my brain to wrap around the crochet process. I’m sure it’s a left brain no brain syndrome. Someday I’ll write a story of the difference and create a theory whereby knitters win and are better and that is the end of that. 🙂

  12. Megan says

    Although, I seem to be more drawn to knitting patterns, I just can’t seem to get it. I find crocheting to be much easier and more relaxing. My perfect day is sitting and crocheting, without a care in the world! It gives me and my grandmother the perfect bonding experience and it’s awesome to see how excited she gets when I ask for her help. 🙂 She loves that I’m learning to crochet and have an interest in the things she loves!

  13. Cristina Besendorfer says

    This is such a nice idea! I am hoping to teach the women in our church group how to use looms to crochet shawls, baby blankets and baby clothing. I would like to learn to knit in order to teach the young women these skills. 🙂

  14. Julie Rheams says

    working with yarn relaxes me and I prefer crochet because that’s what I learned to do first

  15. Gabriele Jolly says

    Both equally good, crocheting is quicker for me and prettier patterns for Decor items. Knitted items are better and feel softer (less bulky ) for clothing in my opinion.

  16. says

    I plan on learning to knit soon, however currently i do love crocheting. It relieves tension, and stress for me. I love that people enjoy my creations. I also feel amazing and happy when after many pulled rows, and stitches: something new comes out beautifully 🙂

  17. Marsha Davis-Hubert says

    I like to do either one. I prefer knitting because it seems to have a more polished look. Crochet is better for afghans mainly because it is faster for me.

  18. SUE COOK says

    I just started to crochet and love it…always wanted to learn to knit. This kit would help me a great deal to learn how to has all you need to start a new craft.. Thanks for the change to win…good luck to all the posties and my self ..

  19. LuLu Eberle says

    I love to crochet and almost do so daily as it is the best day for me to relax after a long day at work. I am going to learn to knit one day as it is something I have always wanted to do but find it a little more intimidating.

  20. Josette Thelian says

    I do both crochet and knit. I do not believe one is better than the other, I do think it is a personal preference. 🙂

  21. Rodney Lippard says

    I don’t know that I can say either is better, it depends on the project. I started out crocheting when I was very young and only in the past several years have gotten into knitting. I find that I like knitting better at this time, but have recently been doing some crochet projects. However, my hands tend to cramp more when I’m doing crochet and I have to stop more frequently. I still feel as if I have a lot left to learn with knitting and that is probably why I’m enjoying it more at this time.

  22. Chris Dodson says

    I learned to crochet from my grandmother. Now that she is gone, I love creating things or replacing items that may have fallen apart. I am carrying on her legacy. I would like to learn how to knit though as I tend to like some items pattern/structure.

  23. Tina Hays says

    I prefer crochet. I taught myself to do both but I never really got the hang of knitting. It seems to me that crochet is a much more forgiving craft!

  24. Jackie says

    I have always been a knitter but have recently embraced crocheting. I love the way you can build shapes and structure, plus when you make a mistake and have to frog a few rows, there’s only one stitch to pick up on the hook! It makes the learning curve much less frustrating.

  25. says

    Crochet is the best! It only involves ONE hand trying to make all the squiggles and knots and such! HAHA! I suppose it is the better choice for those of us that aren’t as coordinated as others! I do know how to knit but it always took me SO LONG to complete a project. Crochet for me is so much more forgiving and gratifying for me. I can complete items with a hook much faster than a pair of needles. Yes indeed, I am a happy “hooker” 🙂

  26. Margi Sweeton says

    I like the look of knitting better. It takes less yarn, but for warm garments I prefer crochet because you can get a much thicker item.

  27. Jessica says

    I have always preferred crochet. But I did try to learn knitting once and I might try it again. Only time will tell 🙂

  28. DD Donnelly says

    At the moment Crocheting it seems to be taking over my life and I am not protesting a bit

  29. Heather Petley says

    I love to crochet! But have to admit I’m jealous of some of the cable knitting patterns out there. Crocheting is so relaxing-love curling up in the evenings watching a show and working on my latest project.

  30. Jennifer says

    Taught myself to crochet from the encyclopedia 28 years ago and going strong ever since.

  31. linh says

    I like crochet better. Can’t wrap my head around knitting. Prefer just one hook. Using one hand than both

  32. says

    I think each on has its place.depends on what you are making. I taught myself both, as I am left handed. Love to crochet stuffed animals .Like to knit dish cloths, Crochet to me is less complicated as knitting.and it goes faster. …

  33. mary Miller says

    Crocheting, for me it goes so much faster than knitting, and I love making things for charity, family and friends, it keeps me busy, and active in the community, let’s me do my part.

  34. Jillene says

    Crochet is better, but only because I can do it better! I’m still a beginning knitter–it will take some practice to get to the same level I’m at with crocheting. Both fun! I love seeing the work as it progresses in both.

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