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Help a Reader: Sewing and Crochet Queries

Every now and then, everyone could use a helping hand.  Ready to lend your assistance?   Below you’ll find a few readers in need.  If you feel you can help or have any suggestions, please post your answer in the comments. Please try to supply instructions and/or links.

Sharon asks,
Is it difficult to move a front zipper to the back in a womens’ pants pattern?

Rochelle asks,
My mother has a 25 inch doll (head to toe) that sits in a rocking chair and I would like to make it a dress. How do I know what size to make for it. I have seen some nice patterns in knitting and crochet but not for a 25 inch doll. Can you help?

Bonnie asks,
I am attempting to find a tool that is used to pull the thread from braid to braid as I construct a braided rug. Using a needle and thread is a very slow and sometimes painful way of attaching the braids to each other and I recall that there is another method of doing this. Will appreciate any information that is available.

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