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Hello Summer Style! Make DIY Colorful Tango Earrings

Inspired by the Argentinian Tango–a sensual ballroom dance in which synchronized movements are used to convey romance and intimacy–these tango earrings scream oomph and flair. The Tango is all about connection; there is an element of togetherness even in separation. In these DIY earrings, you can note that though they are two different discs, they connected by wire providing a sense of continuity and fluidity. Saree ribbon and silk thread jewelry is all the rage now, making these silk thread earrings a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

They say, that it takes two to tango; so are you ready to make these DIY earrings with me?

DIY Jewelry Pattern for Colorful Tango Earrings

tango earrings (2)



Level: Intermediate; basic wire wrapping knowledge is required
Time: In an evening

 DIY tango earrings

The Steps

1. Measure 10 strands of half a meter long pink silk thread. Cut and glue the strands together on one end. Repeat the same with the red thread.

2. Apply tiny droplets of fabric glue along the circumference of the wooden ring and wind the pink thread strands on the ring making sure that the thread remains smooth and untangled. Repeat for the red thread.

3. Cut 6″ of artistic wire and make a small teardrop loop at one end. Holding the discs together wrap twice before adding a bead to the wire

4. Bring the wire over the pink discs and make a loop. Bring the wire over and wrap around the loop. Cut excess wire.

5. Press the discs flat with your hand

6.Repeat all of the above steps to create a pair

7. Add ear hooks to finish

tango earrings (1)

Will you be adding this DIY jewelry project to your summer crafting list?