Have You Ever Made a Topiary?

I was browsing around FaveCrafts the other day (as I often do!) and came across our large collection of topiaries. I had never even heard of a topiary until recently, but I’ve been seeing them more and more at crafty parties or as garden and lawn decor. The cool thing about topiaries is that you can make them out of pretty much anything (foam, paper, fabric, foliage) and they are still considered a topiary. That’s why these cute little crafts are so versatile.

I recently rounded up a collection of topiary projects on FaveCrafts in an article, 27 Topiary Craft Projects. There are ideas for spring and summer topiaries, fall and winter topiaries, topiaries for weddings and party centerpieces, and more! These are my favorite ones:

From the spring and summer topiary group, my favorite DIY topiary project was the Gerbera Daisy Cube. I just love Gerbera Daisies, and this topiary is so colorful! Arranging them in a cube shape is so modern too.

My favorite winter topiary is the Green and Red Topiary Spires project. I love the creative use for extra Christmas ornaments! This looks so easy to make, and it would look so festive for Christmas. I bet you could use pastel colored ornaments to make one for Easter too.

One of the major trends in crafting that I’ve been noticing a lot lately is crafting with candy. I’ve seen crafts with candy corn, candy canes, peeps, conversation hearts, etc. These crafts are perfect for inedible candy, which pretty much all of the above are! Candy is usually pretty cheap, and if you use unwanted candy that was given to you, it counts as a recycling project too. This Pastel Candy Dream Topiary is a great idea for candy crafters!

And here are some of my favorite homemade topiaries from around the craft blogosphere:

  1. Jelly Bean Topiary from Gum Drops and Truffles
  2. Ribbon Topiary from May Arts
  3. Candle Stick Topiary from Stay at Home Artist
  4. Cupcake Topiary from Miss Prissy Paige
  5. Brooch Topiary from Naughty Secretary Club

Don’t forget to check out the 27 Topiary Craft Projects article for even more topiary ideas! Have you ever made a topiary? Do you have even better ideas to share?


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