Have The Honor of Naming This Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial


Learn with Michael Sellick On How To Make A Christmas Tree Skirt

This tutorial needs a name. What would you call this. This could be an afghan? Table Topper? or Christmas Tree Skirt?

I’m now approaching the 2,000 mark for the amount of videos in my collection. I’m running out of brilliant names and need your help.

View This Tutorial Now to access this tutorial and see what you think it should be called.

This was originally designed for my Christmas Tree. You can tell because it has a built in hole in the centre for the artificial tree. I think it could be for multiple uses so I think it’s possible to have another name for this.

This was constructed with Bernat Mosaic Yarn. You can find the written pattern on my website.

Using this blog entry, make your comments below for what you believe the appropriate name will be. The winner will be chosen based on uniqueness and originality. Please keep in mind that tutorial names should be short, sweet and to the point.

“How to Crochet …. (fill this space in)”

The final decision will take place on November 15th, 2011. The video on YouTube will be renamed to match. I will also make a mention in the description of the video of the winner who suggested the new title.

For another free christmas skirt Pattern, AllFreeCrochet.com has everything you possibly need.





  1. CHRIS BOLAND says

    The Nashira tree skirt
    “she who brings good news”

  2. Susan Funke says

    Reminds me of a Quilters “Lone Star”pattern
    The scrap yarn effect would be appropriate also as “Grannies,or back to basics, star”

  3. Elizabeth says

    Rainbow Star Cozy. It’s can be used as a “cozy” for chilly feet when you’re curled up on the couch, or as a “cozy” to keep the Christmas tree warm, or to keep your table “cozy” during the festivities. 🙂

  4. Tina Brockmeier says

    I would use it for a table topper so that it would be out in the open for everyone to see. :o)

  5. Amy VR says

    How to Crochet… the Polaris Star.

    Polaris… AKA the North Star… is the brightest star in the Little Dipper and is often used as a starting point to locate other stars and constellations in the sky.

  6. angie says

    i would name it shining star and i would use it for a blanket and to cover the tree and a table top too. it is beautiful. it is just shining with hope.

  7. Nora Koepp says

    How to crochet a….” Star Diva tree skirt with 6 snap points” or ”Star Diva Tree Skirt w/6 snap points”

  8. Chantale Lepage says

    How to crochet a loco star!
    How to crochet a little piece of sunshine!
    How to crochet a sunny star!!

  9. cathy cunningham says

    what about the “Celestial Star” christmas tree skirt or the Cosmic Christmas tree skirt

  10. Cyn2you says

    3 suggestions:

    1) Resonating Star tree Skirt

    2) Surrounding Star tree Skirt

    3) Star Light, Star Bright tree Skirt

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