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19 Halloween Crafts for Kids: Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas and Spooky Decor

Halloween Crafts for Kids free eBook cover“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”  Welcome the spookiest (and most fun) night of the year with witches’ chants, scary movies, and, most importantly, Halloween crafts for kids. Whether you know that spell from Shakespeare’s Weird sisters, from Mary Kate and Ashley’s movie of the same title, or just by hearsay, it’s iconic, bringing memories of Halloweens past rushing back.

Make October 31st a special night for the kids by introducing them to the fun customs of the evening. Show them the best Halloween films, dress them up in their requested costume, and take them from house to house for a sugar rush. It’s simple to stay away from the creepy and keep with the slightly spooky fun when you follow the guide to a happy Halloween: 19 Halloween Crafts for Kids: Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas and Spooky Decor. All of the crafts in this ghoulish guide are appropriate, easy, fun, and thrilling, bringing Halloween back to an innocent celebration of imagination.

This spectacular collection of crafts will give you ideas to keep the anticipation building throughout the fall, culminating in amazing eerie evening. Forget those pop-up Halloween shops and keep the holiday inexpensive by crafting your own costumes and decorations. No one has ever won first prize in a costume contest wearing a store-bought ensemble. These ribbon-worthy homemade Halloween costume ideas are unique, guaranteeing that the judges take a second look.

With this free eBook by your side, you’ll be ready to spook and smile the moment the clock strikes midnight (or when you wake up in the morning). Deck your house out in petrifying projects and dress yourself in clever costumes to make this Halloween the best yet.

Spooky Decorative Halloween Crafts for Kidskooky-candy-corn-softie-kwdpage

Attract trick-or-treaters from near and far with the best Halloween decorations your neighborhood has ever seen. The best part about these dark decorations is that they’re all extremely inexpensive to make, keeping more money in your pocket for important things like candy. Your awesome decorative Halloween crafts will slightly scare guests, and then cause a bunch of giggles when they find out what your projects are truly made of. We’ve got pumpkins, witches, goblins, ghouls, ghosts, and skeletons covered in 19 Halloween Crafts for Kids: Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas and Spooky Decor, so no important Halloween symbol will be left out. Craft all of the decorations in this free eBook, and you’ll be ready to accept the award for coolest house on the block.

menacing-monster-glovesHomemade Halloween Costume Ideas

There’s no way your Halloween will be complete without an awesome homemade Halloween costume. Luckily, we’ve taken care of the hard part: thinking of original ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd. All that’s left to do is assemble your Viking, princess, superhero, or pig, and that’s easy as can be. Simply print out the tutorial and follow the simple steps to Halloween costume contest victory. There are costume ideas for absolutely every type of kid in this great guide, so don’t worry about having to wear the same costume as your brother. Impress classmates, friends, and fellow trick-or-treaters with your out-of-this-world, unique, homemade Halloween costume ideas.

What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever seen/worn?