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Easy Halloween Treats for Kids: 16 Copycat Recipes and More

Ding dong! It’s that time of year again. Trick-or-treaters are preparing their best Halloween costumes, parents are decorating the house, and everyone has candy on the brain. You want to make this Halloween better than the rest…but how? Copycat recipes for candy of course!

AllFreeKidsCrafts teamed up with AllFreeCopycatRecipes to make this list of the best homemade candy recipes for a Halloween everyone will remember, including edible Halloween crafts for kids. These copycat recipes mimic some of the best name-brand candies, so these Halloween treat ideas are great for impressing friends and family at Halloween parties. From excellent candy bar recipes to yummy Halloween crafts for kids, there’s something for everyone to love. Don’t worry; this list also includes sealed-candy ideas for trick-or-treaters, so everyone can get in on the fun.

Trust me; if you give out these awesome Halloween treats, you won’t get a single trick played on you this Halloween.

Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

Homemade Snickers Bars

Chocolate lovers will be in heaven with these awesome candy bar recipes. These Halloween treats are delicious homemade versions of all your name-brand favorites, like these Homemade Snickers Bars. Your kids will love bragging to their friends that the best candy on the block came from their house. Check out more of our homemade chocolate candy recipes:

Trick-or-Treat Ideas for Kids

Trick or Treat Party PoppersGet the whole family in on the candy-making fun with these edible Halloween crafts for kids. Even the youngest family members will love making easy Halloween treats as a family. But instead of just dropping candy into visitors’ trick-or-treat bags, make some Trick-or-Treat Party Poppers to add a little surprise. Trick-or-treaters won’t know if they’re about to get a trick or a treat! Here are more trick-or-treat ideas for a fun Halloween:


Copycat Recipes for Candy

Candy Store Gumdrops

Homemade candy recipes make the best Halloween treats! Everyone in the neighborhood will think you got these sweet treats from the candy store, especially if you make these Candy Store Gumdrops. If you’re looking for more Halloween recipe ideas without chocolate, these copycat recipes for candy are for you:

Healthy Halloween Treats

Apple Candy Monsters

Halloween treats for kids can be healthy, too! If your kids need a break from their trick or treat candy but still want something sweet, they’ll love Halloween snacks like these Apple Candy Monsters. Your kids can even help make these Halloween recipes. Don’t miss the last of our copycat recipes for Halloween:


Still hungry for more? You’re in luck! Get more delicious copycat recipes for candy with a free ebook from AllFreeCopycatRecipes, or download more Halloween crafts for kids with a free ebook from AllFreeKidsCrafts:

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What’s your favorite Halloween treat?