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Guest Post: Organizing Craft Supplies

This guest blog post was written by Leslie Turner.

We are very “Go Green” oriented in our home. We love second-hand stores! This has prompted my “Save the Earth/Protect the Environment/Don’t Recycle – reUSE” page on my website, Leslie’s Green Garage. Why throw something away that someone else can use! In today’s economy, it just doesn’t make sense to go out and buy “brand new” when you can buy “used” instead, and be just as happy!

I’m very fortunate that my husband is a remodel contractor who is able to save lots of neat items from certain demise when he does his remodels. We have used a number of very good condition second-hand items in the remodel of our own home which is turning out quite nice! And we’re not done yet! He made one side of our Computer Room into a Scrap ‘N Craft area for me using an awesome 12-foot blue counter top with a grey overhead cabinet and two sets of drawers from an office remodel, and a nice set of kitchen cabinets from a home remodel that he painted grey to match. I purchased a bunch of small rectangular bins (3 for $1 at a local dollar store) that I labeled for all of my small items. These bins are 10” long x 6” wide x 2” deep, and are the perfect size to go in cabinets or drawers. I have them grouped and labeled as follows: Arrows & Frames, Baby, Birthday, Bling, Butterflies, Child, Christmas, Corners & Brackets, Dazzles, Flowers, Hearts, Miscellaneous, Odds & Ends, Seasonal (beach, BBQ, etc.), Stars, Tags, Thanks/Sympathy/Get Well, and Wedding/Anniversary. This has worked very well for me – when I need something specific for a project, such as “bling,” I pull out the “Bling” bin or if I need “flowers,” I pull out the “Flowers” bin! It’s great and was a very inexpensive way to organize the items I use the most for my projects. I later found some at a consignment shop for 25 cents each, so I bought a few more to organize things in my drawers such as Stickles, glue sticks, tape runners, staples, glitter, flocking, and my stiple brush.

I also found some inexpensive plastic divided boxes for $1.99 at a local craft store that I labeled for my Brads, Buttons/Letters/Charms/Clips, Eyelets, Miscellaneous, and Paper Clips/Anchors. These stack nicely on a shelf, or would certainly go in a cabinet or drawer, and they are see-through so can see the contents.

I had so many spools of ribbon, and you know how unruly ribbon can be! I discovered that I could straighten out an old wire clothes hanger, stack 12 to 14 spools of ribbon on it (stick it up through the center of each spool of ribbon), then bend each end of the wire so the ribbon spools will not fall off. These fit perfectly in a drawer! Awesome organization, and no more unruly ribbon!